Destress for a healthy lifestyle

Destress for a healthy lifestyle

On 4 December 2021, a webinar titled “It’s Killing Me! Proven Ways to Destress” was organised by UTAR Centre for Corporate and Community Development in collaboration with the STAR Dynamics Corporation via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Invited to be the speaker was Joyce Wong Jin Yi. Joyce Wong is a wellness coach, motivational speaker and high-performance coach with a master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is the author of four scientific research papers and she has reviewed one paper in international journal about the nutritional properties of plants. Currently, she is a columnist in the science magazine “The Petri Dish” sharing insights about wellness. She was featured in the 4th Edition of Encyclopedia “Successful People in Malaysia” by the British Publishing House. She is a certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who shared her experience of being diagnosed with a tumour and her journey towards recovery. Her experience has been published in “Thrive Global”, a well-known international wellness platform- “A Tumor Diagnosis that turns out to be the best thing that happened in my life”. It had taken her eight years to learn various skills, spending over 100,000 dollars, travelling around the world, and finding the best trainers to learn from the field of Wellness, High Performance, Coaching, Body Language, Neuro-Semantics, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Vocal Coaching and Hypnosis.

Joyce Wong

Joyce Wong began her webinar with a brief introduction of herself and shared her experience of her own journey from diagnosis of a tumour to healing with a healthy diet, exercise, stress management and a change of lifestyle.

“Sometimes we may need something to trigger ourselves, to think about what we can do for ourselves physically and mentally. We need to learn meditation and deep breathing. These are good techniques to relax and calm ourselves down. But do you know that there are so many other contributing factors that can really contribute to our stress?” said Joyce Wong. She then shared the three things that we can control, namely feelings, thoughts and responses.

She then continued, “Change your perspective. Whatever came from your experience or traumatic ones, these things happened for you to become a stronger you, to become a wiser you, to become someone who knows better how to solve the challenges. It is actually happening for you, not to you.” Meanwhile, she also encouraged the participants to limit their media or news intake to avoid negative input to their mind, to stay centred and be an example to those around them.

Joyce Wong also shared how to start our morning and win our day. She said, “If you start your morning looking at your email or social media, you are putting the stress into yourself first thing in the morning. So the first hour in the morning, you have to focus on yourself. Go to yourself, have a moment of gratitude, ask yourself ‘what am I grateful for’ and give a positive affirmation to yourself, say thank you to your body for letting you experience this wonderful day.”

During the webinar, she demonstrated how to do the mirror work which she learned from the late Louise Hay; the High 5 habit by Mel Robbins; what can we do to destress ourselves in just one minute even if we have a busy schedule; how to tap away our stress with scientifically proven method and the areas to take care to level up our physical and mental health. She also encouraged the participants to generate anticipation by asking “What am I excited about today” and don’t forget to smile because it could literally brighten up someone’s day when we smile at others.

Joyce Wong demonstrating how to tap away our stress

She emphasised, “Self-care is very important. We need to give our body enough rest. When our body is telling us that we need to rest, let our body rest, don’t overstress yourself; listen to your body.” She then concluded her webinar with the five pillars of wellness, namely stress, diet, environment, lifestyle and relationship.

A group photo session at the end of the webinar

Click here to watch the full webinar.

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