LKC FES Postgraduate Research Colloquium 2021 makes a comeback

The LKC FES Postgraduate Research Colloquium 2021 made a comeback on 29 Nov 2021 via Microsoft Teams. The virtual colloquium was organised by UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) along with the Centre for Photonics and Advanced Materials Research (CPAMR). A total of 60 participants was present at the colloquium.

The colloquium aimed to provide a platform for the postgraduate students in LKC FES to present their recent works or findings in their fields of research. It also provided a platform for postgraduate students and LKC FES academic staff to exchange ideas and gather feedback on their research works.

The colloquium featured two keynote lectures and a postgraduate presentation session. The presentation session was divided into five parallel groups based on the postgraduate students’ research areas. The research area included “Applied Engineering”,“Applied Mathematics, Process Automation, Simulation and Computing”, “Energy and Intelligent Management”, “Sustainable Development” and “Theoretical/experimental Sciences”.

The colloquium commenced with welcome remarks by LKC FES Dean Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min. It was followed by keynote lectures from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok academic Dr Santi Chuetor and UTAR academic Prof Ts Dr Lim Eng Hock.

Prof Goi delivering his welcome remarks

Prof Goi said in his opening remark, “First and foremost, congratulations to the committee members of LKC FES Postgraduate Research Colloquium 2021 for their effort and determination in succeeding this project. This 3rd postgraduate colloquium is joined by LKC FES postgraduate students from five research areas, namely Applied Engineering; Applied Mathematics, Process Automation, Simulation and Computing; Energy and Intelligent Management; Sustainable Development; and Theoretical/Experimental Sciences. Through these interactions, I believe students will gain experience in presenting their works and expose themselves to the different fields of research undertaken by other students in the faculty.”

Two keynote lectures by Dr Santi and Prof Lim

Dr Santi and Prof Lim enlightened the participants in the keynote lecture session by sharing the topics “Improvement of Lignocellulosic Valorization by Combined Pretreatments and Process Development” and “How to prepare and write a journal paper”, respectively. Dr Santi shared the COP 26-goals to unite the world in tackling climate change and Lignocellulosic pretreatments technology while Prof Lim shared the fundamental steps and tips to write a journal paper.

Dr Santi (right) shared about COP26-goals in tackling climate change and Lignocellulosicpretreatments technology

Prof Lim(left) sharing the fundamental steps and tips to write a journal paper

The colloquium was then continued with five parallel sessions in which UTAR postgraduate students presenting their respective research topics. The presentations were then evaluated by the respective session chair and the best presenter was elected from each session.

The best presenter for each session is as follows:



Best Presenter

Session 1:

Applied Engineering

Chai Yi Ding

Session 2:

Applied Mathematics, Process Automation, Simulation and Computing

Victor Low Jian Ming

Session 3:

Energy and Intelligent Management

Chia Min Yan

Session 4:

Sustainable Development

Lee CheeHiun

Session 5:

Theoretical/experimental Sciences

Lim JengJit

LKC FES Dean Prof Goi(bottom row, most left) and keynote speaker Prof  Lim and Dr  Santi Chuetor (fourth row, second and third from left) with some of the particpants

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