Learning memorisation techniques for better memory

A webinar titled “Magic of Memory” was conducted on 4 July 2021 via Zoom. It was held as a part of the Virtual Mind & STEM Festival 2021 programme. The purpose of the webinar was to expose participants to techniques and memory training that would improve memory as well as helping them understand the brain and its hidden potential.

Present to deliver the webinar was International Speaker and Trainer Jeyaraman Seenivasagam. He is also a licensed instructor from Tony Buzan and the vice president of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers. He has trained more than 78,000 people ranging from students to top management on memory skills, public speaking, creative thinking, study skills, communication skills and sales.


Jeyaraman’s (right) webinar focused on understanding the brain and tapping into its hidden potential 

Jeyaraman started the webinar by sharing how he ended up teaching skills pertaining to memory. He said, “When I was in college, I was struggling to pass my law paper and I was stressed, frustrated and scared. I didn't think I would pass. I then came across ‘The Memory Book’ by Harry Lorayne that helped me remember my study materials using memory techniques. Amazingly, I got through my paper and I was convinced these techniques work.”

He added, “You may not be studying for a law paper but you may want to learn Mandarin, poetry, business materials; give speeches from memory; remember your favourite quotes or learn something. I do hope by the end of this webinar, you will be able to use the methods discussed to apply and remember foreign words and names.”

Jeyaraman showing participants how information is processed from short-term memory to long-term memory

Jeyaraman then introduced the IDAM formula to the participants. According to him, IDAM stands for “Imagination”, “Dramatic”, “Associate” and “Meaning”. He also shared other memory techniques which included “Mnemonics” and “Homophones”.

He emphasised, “To improve your memory, you must free your imagination and dramatise a situation. Besides that, you should learn to associate new information with familiar ones and create meaning out of the subjects that you wish to recall. That’s what the IDAM formula means.”

Jeyaraman conducting a live demonstration using the IDAM formula


Mnemonics technique for better memory


Jeyaraman showing examples of how to use the homophones method

He concluded, “To improve your memory, all you need is to have a desire to enhance your capabilities, believe in yourself and practise the right technique to remember.”

During the presentation, the speaker was humourous and he managed to turn the learning and memorising activities into fun activities. The audiences actively participated in several memory demonstrations. Some of the useful tips imparted by the speaker included the methods for remembering new vocabulary, learning foreign languages and recalling speech points.

The webinar saw an active interaction between the speaker and the participants. The talk ended with an extensive yet insightful Q&A session.

To view the full video, click here.

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