The science and magic of making ginger milk pudding

Making a healthy dessert could be a good way for people to spend their extra time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Dr Ong during the webinar

In the STEM Webinar “Make My Own Ginger Milk Pudding”, which was held as a part of the Virtual Mind and STEM Festival 2021 programme, UTAR Centre for Foundation Studies of Sungai Long Campus Senior Lecturer Dr Ong Kiah Ju shared with participants on how to make ginger milk pudding—a simple dessert that is packed with delicious flavours enhanced by ginger.

This popular cantenose dessert is simple to make, however, it requires some good techniques to produce a silky-smooth finishing curd. In the recipe shared by Dr Ong, she taught the participants how to make the pudding without using thickening agent or curdling agent like gelatin or agar-agar. The recipe only calls for three ingredients, namely milk, ginger and sugar.

Dr Ong presenting the tools and ingredients used in making ginger milk pudding


Dr Ong explaining the benefits of ginger and milk

“When you make this ginger milk pudding, the most important thing is to control the temperature. The temperature of the milk is the key to success. The key for thickening is enzymes. Enzymes will turn the milk to curd, in another word, pudding,” she said.

She explained the nutritional composition and benefits of the main ingredients—ginger and milk, and further explained the biochemical principle underlying the formation of milk curd when adding ginger juice into milk.

Dr Ong showing the procedure of making ginger milk pudding

She provided a detailed explanation on the procedure of making ginger milk pudding, and shared a video showing the making process step by step.

To view the full video, click here.

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