A meaningful experience for UTAR Staff and student volunteers in the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme


UTAR Sungai Long Campus serves as a vaccination site to help provide vaccine for the community

As part of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, the Sungai Long Specialist Hospital in collaboration with UTAR Sungai Long Campus, coordinated the government vaccination programme for the community as arranged through MySejahtera, starting from 31 May 2021.

Not only medical staff have continued to go above and beyond to serve the community throughout the pandemic, but non-medical volunteers have also put their effort in helping with the vaccination of the population against the Covid-19.

UTAR student (left) and a volunteer assisting in the vaccination programme

There were about 80 staff and student volunteers from UTAR who supported the daily operation of the programme that helped the community to receive vaccination shots at the vaccination site located at Multipurpose Hall of UTAR Sungai Long Campus.

A student volunteer Yang Xuan, who is currently undertaking Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UTAR, said that the main reason for joining this programme was to keep himself busy and motivated. “Since I stay alone in Sungai Long, I often feel depressed and dispirited even when I’m studying. So that’s why I chose to volunteer. I would rather spend time volunteering myself than spending all my time looking at the monitor and watching videos and repeating those routines every single day. Now I feel energetic and I’m glad that I can offer my help,” he said. 

Yang assisted as an usher at the registration counter. Before that, he also volunteered himself at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Vaccine Centre for two weeks during his semester break.

Another student volunteer, Sami Al Sharabim, who is currently undertaking Master of Engineering Science at UTAR said, “I was free and I wanted to offer my help. I was in charge of helping those in wheelchairs. I also helped in arranging and routing them for vaccination.” According to him, he was involved in interaction with others throughout the three weeks and they gave him good comments and encouraging words. “They were very nice. Speaking to them reminded me of my grandparents who I miss dearly. It's been therapeutic talking to old people,” he said.

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Materials and Manufacturing Engineering student Danyal Sorayyaei Azar said, “I’m glad to be able to provide some help in this programme as I learnt a lot in the past few weeks. I also met countless people at the same time and it felt nice to see everyone coming together, helping each other so we can achieve the herd immunity as soon as possible.”

“My main task was to usher people into the hall and help move vaccinees who were in wheelchairs from the pick-up and drop-off point. Aside from that, I also helped to deal with their registration issues. I think it is important for everyone to get their vaccines in order to have a safer environment for all. At the end of the day, everyone has their own perception and choice but in every choice we make, there will be consequences. Thus, we need to make a wise decision,” added Danyal.

Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) student Low Qui Lin said, “I participated in this programme is because I wanted to play my part as a responsible citizen within the community and through this programme, I was able to connect with the community.” “I help the vaccinees to take a picture after they get their vaccine shot and collect their feedback. Aside from that, my other tasks include checking their vaccine appointments, explaining their doubts and ensuring everyone follows the standard of procedures at the waiting areas,” shared Low.

Low added, “I think this vaccination programme is good for every citizen because it's the fastest way to enable the citizens to get their vaccines and build their protection for free. Therefore, I hope more vaccination centres will be set up as it will be more convenient for people in the future.”

Danyal helping an elderly in a wheelchair


Low (left) assisting a vaccinee

“We improvise the flow and procedures every day to increase the efficiency of the whole process,” said UTAR Department of Safety and Security (DSS) staff Komathi Rethinam. She is one of the UTAR staff who works with the volunteers and Sungai Long Specialist Hospital to ensure the vaccination programme run smooth. Stationed at the entrance of the vaccination centre, she is among the first to greet the vaccinees upon arrival. Her task is to make sure the vaccinees are at the right venue and time before checking-in via MySejahtera. “The process ran smoothly as almost everyone respected and understood the SOP that they had to follow, especially in practising social distancing,” she added.

DSS Nik Safwan bin Che Azhar along with a few other staff was assigned one of the crucial tasks at the vaccination centre which was to ensure the traffic inside and outside of the vaccination centre run smooth. This included guiding the continuous coming vehicles to the drop off point and parking area. The space for waiting area was also expanded to accommodate the numbers and to adhere to the SOP. “With the big numbers we handle every day, I am glad that we have the volunteers on our side, lending a hand to this good cause,” said Nik Safwan.

Feeling proud to play a part in the vaccination programme, Komathi said, “I am proud to be able to contribute to UTAR and the nation as a whole. Vaccination is not an option, it is a must to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the community.” Nik Safwan added, “I hope the community will share the importance and benefits of vaccination with their friends and family. I am proud that UTAR has played its role by providing a venue for the vaccination and I hope more vaccination centres will be established in the near future.” 

Komathi (left) checking the temperature at the entrance


Nik Safwan (middle) with fellow UTAR staff DSS Nor Ikmal bin Kutubujin (left) and Sungai Long Campus Administration Director Dr Tan Kee Kong (right)

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