Ng Teck Fong Foundation contributes to UTAR

Prof Ewe (most right) receiving the mock cheque from Tomei Consolidated Bhd Executive Director Ng Yih Chen (most left) in the presence of Ng Teck Fong Foundation Chairman Datuk Ng Yih Tyng

UTAR Education Foundation received a contribution of RM20,000 from Ng Teck Fong Foundation, which will be channelled to establish the UTAR Hospital and facilitate its main initiative to provide affordable quality medical and health services to the students, staff and the community.

A mock cheque presentation ceremony was held on 5 May 2021. Representing UTAR to receive the mock cheque was its President Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat. Prof Ewe expressed his sincere gratitude towards the Ng Teck Fong Foundation for their generous donation towards the construction of UTAR Hospital in UTAR Kampar Campus.

Besides UTAR, Ng Teck Fong Foundation also donated to other universities and schools which include the Department of Chemistry of Cheng Kung University (成功大学化学系 ); Southern University College (南方大学学院 ); Chung Hua High School, Seremban (芙蓉中华中学 ); Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur (吉隆坡中华独立中学); Hin Hua High School  (巴生兴华中学); Pay Fong Middle School Malacca (马六甲培风中学); Confucian Private Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur (吉隆坡尊孔独立中学); Chung Hua Klang High School (巴生中华独立中学); Kwang Hua Private High School (巴生光华独立中学); New Era University College (纪元大学学院); Kuen Cheng High School (坤成中学); Tsun Jin High School (循人中学);  Pin Hwa High School (巴生滨华独立中学) and Chung Kwo (Chinese) Primary School (陆佑路中国华小 ). The Ng Teck Fong Foundation contributed a total amount of RM230,000 to the 15 universities and schools.

Ng Teck Fong Foundation staff and all the recipients during the ceremony

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