Staying Zen in turbulent times

Staying Zen in turbulent times

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many are still finding ways to cope, adjust and adapt to the changes, challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic. With many considerations to make, one aspect of life that remains important to be addressed and maintained, especially during the pandemic, is one’s personal well-being.

Aimed at imparting practical knowledge and specifying tools focusing on the power of choices, the value of mindfulness and the necessity to harness emotions positively through energy management, the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) of Kampar Campus organised a webinar titled “ZEN in Turbulent Times: Remaining Calm Amidst Pandemic Tears and Fears”, on 14 August 2021 via Zoom.

Leong advising participants to focus on the positive aspects

The webinar was more than insightful as invited speaker Penny Leong shared her experience in the field of people development, which saw participants benefitting from learning the ways to find composure and achieve a personal sense of calm amidst uncertain times. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Motivation Factor Practitioner shared a number of ways for participants to apply when attempting to find peace in challenging situations.

She advised participants to change their environment in order to experience a different mood because being Zen is also about being comfortable, getting involved, and being present. Psychologically, drinking water is likened to an act of cleansing, so the speaker emphasised that drinking water is more than keeping one healthy as it offers a sense of cleansing from within.

She also conducted a self-check session, where participants were asked questions such as “How am I doing?” and “How am I feeling?”. That session was meant to enable participants to gain self-awareness of their own emotions and allow them to adjust their mindset. Leong reminded participants to keep an open mind because humans are adaptive and are able to overcome challenges.

Apart from reminding participants to appreciate the present things, Leong also advised participants to focus on the positive side of things. “What we focus on, expands. Meaning to say, if you focus on something negative, that thing will occupy your mind and affect you emotionally and mentally. So, focus on the positive so you can expand the positivity. Open your heart to receive and count each day as a blessing and a gift,” advised Leong. 

Ms Penny Leong referenced The SmartxSharp Skills from Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan. Special thanks to Professor Loredana and Asia School of Business. Professor Loredana Padurean, (2019, April) Enough with Soft and Hard. Let's get Smart and Sharp instead! 

The webinar then ended with an interactive Q&A session.

Leong explaining the idea of being mindful

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