EDM Group Founder shares his entrepreneurial journey

To stimulate the interest of UTAR students and staff in online entrepreneurship and discover more potential entrepreneurs, the Centre of Corporate and Community Development (CCCD), EDM Group and Unovate Centre jointly organised an online webinar called Gen Z – The Key to Success. Held via Zoom on 8 April 2022, the webinar saw EDM Group Founder Datuk Seri Edmund Heng Guan Boon as the guest speaker and UTAR students Chew Yu Xuan and Lim Chiu Nie as the moderators. It received over 100 participants.

EDM Group representative Ray Ho thanked UTAR for the opportunity as well as the recommendation to cooperate with Unovate Centre. He then provided a brief introduction to EDM Group and shared the background of its founder.

EDM Group representative Ray Ho introducing EDM Group

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng began his talk by thanking UTAR for enabling him to share some of his valuable learning experiences and entrepreneurial journey. “Today’s sharing aims to provide everyone with a deeper understanding of the Internet and e-commerce,” said Datuk Seri Edmund Heng. Datuk Seri Edmund Heng said that there was no internet when he was young, but nowadays many things can be done through the internet, such as buying shoes, air tickets, milk tea and other items. Datuk Seri Edmund Heng’s definition of traffic is sales, which is the ability to monetise. “Thus, entrepreneurs need to clearly understand their own image, positioning, and target audience,” he added.

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng sharing his opinion

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng also introduced and explained the difference between traditional thinking and internet thinking. “Traditional thinking refers to achieving goals through control, while internet thinking is about gaining control by surrendering control,” he clarified.  Datuk Seri Edmund Heng also pointed out that today’s mobile internet has allowed people to move from the “passive choice” era to the “active choice” era.

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng also said, “There are nine types of internet thinking, namely user thinking, extreme thinking, simple thinking, iterative thinking, social thinking, traffic thinking, big data thinking, platform thinking and cross-border thinking.”

He complimented, “UTAR provides its students with a complete entrepreneurial environment. It also has good facilities which include products, apps, and logistics as well as a complete fulfilment centre.” “Before entering the society, you can learn the process and understand the process, so that you will have a greater chance of success in starting a business, otherwise most of them will fail,” said Datuk Seri Edmund Heng.

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng sharing the nine types of internet thinking

Datuk Seri Edmund Heng (left) with participants

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