Visit by Hin Hua High School

Front row, second from left: Ts Dr Chin Ren Jie from the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr Goh, Ir Dr Danny Ng, Dr Shuit and Lim

A group of students from Hin Hua High School, Selangor paid a visit to UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 7 June 2022. The group, which was comprised of 40 Senior Middle Three students, was led by their teacher Lim Shuang Ao. 

The visit featured a presentation session and workshops which were conducted by staff members from the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES). Giving an introduction on LKC FES Programmes to the students was Dr Goh Choon Hian from the Department of Mechatronics and BioMedical Engineering. In his presentation, Dr Goh provided a brief explanation of all the courses and career prospects in engineering and science. Dr Goh also mentioned that the University focuses on the students’ learning outcomes. “We always set course outcomes and targets for students. Students need to know what they need to learn at the end of the course,” he said. 

Following the presentation was an introduction to Robotics and a demonstration of KUKA Robots by Ir Dr Danny Ng Wee Kiat from the Department of Mechatronics and BioMedical Engineering, a demonstration of concrete casting by Dr Lee Foo Wei from the Department of Civil Engineering, and a hands-on workshop titled Magnetic Carbon in Wastewater Treatment by Ts Dr Shuit Siew Hoong from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

During the workshops

The presentation and workshops aimed to enhance students’ understanding of the programmes offered by UTAR LKC FES, for example, the content of the engineering course and its method of delivery. Besides, students could also gain a better understanding of the courses along with the possible career prospects and some ideas about their academic life at UTAR. 

“We always hope students can decide on an educational pathway that suits them and their needs,” said Lim. He believes that knowing more information about courses and the possible future career paths would help students plan better for their future.

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