Mass call welcomes June 2022 intake

The newcomers of June 2022 intake were warmly welcomed at the mass call, as part of the orientation programme, organised by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) and UTAR Kampar Campus Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call (RCM) Committee on 20 and 22 June 2022 at UTAR Sungai Long and Kampar Campus respectively.

UTAR President Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat welcomed over 800 freshmen (who attended physically and virtually on both campuses) in his speech and introduced UTAR as a place for students to gain academic and personal developments, and valuable life experiences.

Prof Ewe delivering his speech and talk in Kampar (left) and Sungai Long Campuses

He also spoke to the students about their academic journey in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) by firstly explaining the changes of the technology revolution. He highlighted that in the 4IR, there is a need for knowledge workers with a growth mindset and empathy. “A growth mindset is having the belief that intelligence can be continuously developed, and it brings out the desire to learn. A person with a growth mindset also embraces challenges and perseveres in the face of setbacks. They also learn from criticism and they see efforts as the path to mastery. Individuals with a growth mindset are also able to find lessons and inspiration from others’ successes and they are able to reach high levels of achievements,” said Prof Ewe.

He continued to talk about the challenges of 21st century education, which, due to the rapid economic and social changes, schools now have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented, and unknown problems that will arise. He emphasised, “That is why, in the 21st century learning framework, it highlights the need for students to acquire content knowledge and 21st century themes; possess information, media and technology skills; like and career skills; as well as learning and innovation skills. A famous author also highlighted that the two skills needed for the future, are, firstly adaptability and continuous learning, and secondly mental balance and emotional intelligence. Apart from all these skills, it would be an advantage if you also acquire transferable skills, job-related skills, and adaptive skills, which you can reflect from your resume to convince the employers.” He then advised students to maintain good health by exercising and maintaining a balanced diet.

From left: Khor and Hoong

Student Representative Council (SRC) of Kampar Campus Khor Jia Cheng also welcomed the freshmen to UTAR, and said, “This is your new journey. Life is full of challenges but don’t be afraid to learn from your challenges and new environment. In times of failure, be resilient and step out of your comfort zone to explore the many opportunities that will build your confidence, character, and personal development. Be sure to grab hold when opportunities are presented to you because learning is a lifelong journey.”

Meanwhile, SRC Sungai Long Chairperson Hoong De Shan said, “It is good to see everyone in this physical mass call because for so long, we were meeting and learning online. However, this pandemic and the change to online learning have taught us the importance of adaptability skills because we need to be adaptable to the rapid changes in our world. While you put effort in your studies, be sure to also balance your time for extra-curricular activities because it is also another way to enjoy your leisure time healthily.”

Also present at the mass call were Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, Faculty of Arts and Social Science Dean Dr Lee Lai Meng, Faculty of Business and Finance Dean Assoc Prof Dr Au Yong Hui Nee, Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Dean Assoc Prof Ts Dr Liew Soung Yue, Faculty of Science Dean Assoc Prof Dr Lim Tuck Meng, Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Deputy Dean Dr Tan Kok Tat, Institute of Chinese Studies Deputy Dean Dr Ling Liong Ngo, Faculty of Creative Industries Acting Dean Dr Cynthia Lau Pui-Shan, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Dean Emeritus Prof Dr Cheong Soon Keng, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Dean Assoc Prof Ts Dr Yap Wun She, Faculty of Accountancy and Management Dean Dr Sia Bee Chuan, Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) Kampar Director Ts Tan Lee Siew, CFS Sungai Long Director Melissa Stefanie Netto, Mass call Managers Tee Su San and Teh Hooi Jie.

Kampar freshmen taking their oaths

Sungai Long freshmen taking their oaths

Stage party in Sungai Long Campus, from left: Dr Sia, Prof Cheong, Prof Goi, Hoong, Prof Ewe, Tee, Prof Choong, Dr Yap, Dr Cynthia and Melissa

Stage party in Kampar Campus, from left: Tan, Dr Tan, Dr Liew, Dr Lai, Prof Goi, Teh, Prof Ewe, Khor, Prof Choong, Dr Au Yong, Dr Lim and Dr Ling

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