Students raised funds for UTAR Hospital

Students presenting the mock cheque to Prof Ewe (centre), witnessed by Prof Choong (fourth from right)

The mock cheque of RM13,964.50, presented to UTAR Hospital on 14 September 2022 at T&CM Centre, UTAR Hospital, Kampar, marked the successful efforts of the students in raising funds for the UTAR Hospital project.

Present to receive the mock cheque was UTAR President Ir Prof Dato’ Dr Ewe Hong Tat. It was witnessed by Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, along with staff and students. Seven students from the MPU co-curriculum subject, namely Cheng Soon Shen (MPU 34022 Arts and Cultural Performance); Tan May May (MPU 34072 Arts, Craft and Design); Christopher Wong Jin Soon (MPU34102 Managing Personal Finance), Ng Jun Cheng (MPU34112 Work Ethics and EQ); Terence Fun Zhee Jing (MPU34132 Management of Sports Activity); Ang Yong Seng (MPU34142 Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking & Problem-solving) and Lee Zi Yang (MPU34152 Leadership and Teambuilding) were involved in this fundraising initiative.

Prof Ewe thanking the students for their effort in raising funds for UTAR Hospital

Prof Ewe thanked the students and said, “I’m truly delighted to hear that our university students especially those who are taking the CO-CU subject this semester have volunteered to contribute to the development of the university as well as the UTAR Hospital. I’m also informed that although the students were given the opportunity to choose their own beneficiary party for their respective projects, many of them willingly chose UTAR Hospital. Thus, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the students who have contributed to the university.”

He continued, “There are a total of seven courses under the CO-CU elective subject this semester and the students have conducted several projects to raise funds for the UTAR Hospital project. Notable projects are such as the UTAR 20th Anniversary – Health and Sports Event and the Departure-Turbulence-Arrival performance event. UTAR was established as a not-for-profit University with donations from philanthropists, benefactors and the public. Hence, this hospital will also be run as a not-for-profit hospital and will be self-sustaining. Thus, only with the support of the public and students such as everyone present here today, the hospital would be able to offer affordable and quality basic and specialist medical services to the general public and provide clinical training for students.”

Earlier this year, another mock cheque of RM13,557.50 was also presented to UTAR Hospital. A total of 425 students were involved in the fundraising activities.

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