Fundraising for UTAR Hospital at Golden Kim Wah Coffee Shop

Seated, from left: Tan Sri Chor, Mr Teoh, Datuk Lim, Tan Sri Sak, Toh Puan Ena Ling, Tun Ling, Tan Sri Ting and Prof Dato’ Ewe with the whole team at the coffee shop

Collaborative teamwork and support between UTAR staff and students, and the owners of the Golden Kim Wah Coffee Shop brought in the day’s collection of RM56,936.80, raised in support of UTAR Hospital. Located in Damansara Kim, the Golden Kim Wah Coffee Shop reserved 22 September 2022 as the day where all collections and donations from the sale of food and drinks from its nine stalls would be donated to UTAR Hospital.

This idea was initiated by UTAR Council Member Datuk Lim Si Cheng who sought the cooperation of the owner of the coffee shop, Mr Teoh Hun Kok, to raise funds for the hospital by assigning 22 September as the day where all food and drinks sold would be put into donation boxes. Patrons of the coffee shop could donate any amount into the boxes.

A total of 18 UTAR staff; consisting of five staff from Division of Corporate Communication & PR (DCCPR), 13 staff from the Student Development and Alumni Relations (SDAR) division and three student volunteers, started work at the coffee shop from 7am and only completed their work at 3.30pm. It was a day of helping to serve the meals to the coffee shop customers and collecting donations. Some staff even helped to prepare the food because the restaurant became very busy during lunch time.

Many supporters and donors, who are friends of Datuk Lim and Mr Teoh, turned up at the coffee shop to eat and donate. MCA’s Michael Chong and his friends also visited the coffee shop to donate and support the charity event. Regular customers of the coffee shop were surprised at the crowded coffee shop but they donated as well since it was for a good cause.

UTAR Chancellor Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, Toh Puan Ena Ling, UTAR Education Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Tan Sri Sak Cheng Lum, Puan Sri Sak, UTAR Council Chairman Tan Sri Ting Chew Peh, UTAR Hospital Board Chairman Ir Emeritus Prof Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, UTAR Council Member Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Chor Chee Heung and UTAR President Ir Prof Dato’ Dr Ewe Hong Tat were all present at the coffee shop to show their support. UTAR Education Foundation secretary Mr Ong Whee Tiong was present to witness the counting of the money at the end.

The highlight of the day was Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik frying char koay teow at Robert’s staff in the coffee shop. This was a very significant moment. Before UTAR was established, Tun Dr Ling sought the support of many philanthropists and donors to raise the money to establish the university. In one of the charity drives, Tun Dr Ling fried char koay teow in the SS2 food court to raise funds, and now, more than 20 years later, Tun Ling is frying again for UTAR Hospital.

The plate of char koay teow fried by Tun Ling was bought by Mr Ikaxa Tan, CEO of Ezon Group, who paid RM10,000 for that plate of char koay teow.

It was indeed a day of awareness among the local community who enquired about the UTAR Hospital and many were surprised that UTAR established a hospital. It was very heart-warming to see the young and the old donating to the hospital. They said it was for a good cause.

On behalf of UTAR and UTAR Hospital, we thank all the donors, the owner and family members of the coffeeshop, the food stall owners and all the customers for their generous donations in support of UTAR Hospital.

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Tun Ling frying char koay teow

Mr Ikaxa Tan (in black shirt) at the char koay teow stall

Tan Sri Ting (most left) and Prof Dato’ Ewe (most right) adding up the collections

The total amount raised at the event

The coffee shop at Damansara Kim

M Kandiah FMHS students Natalie Wong and Lee Zhi Ying helping to collect donations

Owners of the coffee shop (from left) Mr & Mrs Teoh and their daughter

UTAR staff Yow Jia Tean and Alex Koh Hoong Yang serving the customers

LKC FES student Lua Zhe How and staff Mr Lim Swea Jen

Second from left: UTAR staff Lim Jia Jia

From left: Datuk Lim and Tan Sri Chuah at the coffee shop

Prof Dato’ Ewe and Datuk Lim talking to Datuk and Datin Yee

Tan Sri Ting presenting souvenirs to some of the participating stall owners

The event received heart-warming support from the patrons who visited the shop

Husband and wife Danny Gow and Christine Lim supporting the fundraising at the coffee shop

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