LKC FES academics take initiative to strengthen international cooperation on rail transit study

UTAR once again proved its commitment to academic excellence and global cooperation when it received an esteemed invitation from Beijing Jiaotong University to attend the "High-level Forum and Achievement Exhibition on the Joint Training of International Talents on Rail Transit (JTITRT)" which took place at Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China from 23 until 26 July 2023.

With over 30 experts from seven economies, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Russia and Mongolia, the forum aimed to foster communication and collaboration among the Belt and Road countries. UTAR was proud to have Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Ir Dr Ling Lloyd and LKC FES Centre for Railway Infrastructure and Engineering Chairperson Assoc Prof Ir Dr Chua Kein Huat representing the university at the prestigious international event.

The “Joint Training of International Talents on Rail Transit” forum is an invaluable platform for academics and experts to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and build partnerships among participating nations. As countries continue to develop their rail transit infrastructure, such collaboration is essential to tackle common challenges and capitalise on shared opportunities. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has opened up immense possibilities for cooperation, and this forum further reinforces its mission of connectivity and mutual prosperity.

The primary objective of the JTITRT forum was to enhance communication and cooperation among the Belt and Road countries in the domain of rail transit. By bringing together experts and scholars from various nations, the event provided an avenue to facilitate open dialogue, knowledge transfer, and the exploration of innovative solutions to address the growing demands of the rail transit sector. Through the exchange of ideas, the participants were able to learn from each other’s experiences, understand unique challenges faced by different regions, and collectively work towards comprehensive solutions.

UTAR’s inclusion in the esteemed delegation for the JTITRT forum is a testament to the University’s commitment to excellence in education and research. Dr Ling and Dr Chua are academics and experts in their respective fields, well-equipped to represent UTAR and Malaysia on this international stage. Their presence will undoubtedly showcase UTAR’s capabilities in the field of rail transit and highlight UTAR’s dedication to contributing to the progress of rail transportation, not just within Malaysia but across the Belt and Road countries.

Participation in the JTITRT forum opened up exciting possibilities for UTAR to collaborate with other institutions and experts in the field of rail transit. As a leading Malaysian university, UTAR leverage on this platform to establish partnerships, engage in joint research projects and explore opportunities for student and faculty exchanges. Such collaborations not only benefit the academic community but also contribute to the advancement of rail transit technologies and practices on a global scale.

From left: Dr Ling and Dr Chua at Beijing Jiaotong University

From left: Dr Ling and Dr Chua visiting the Baotou Railway College

From left: Sichuan Aixueyi Technology Co. Ltd Sales Director Zhang Yong, Sichuan Aixueyi Technology Co. Ltd General Manager An Jiameng, Dr Ling, Dr Chua and Sichuan Aixueyi Technology Co. Ltd Technical Director Man Dapeng

From Left: UMP Confucius Institute in China Director Wang HaiYan, Dr Chua, Dr Ling, Beijing Jiaotong University Vice President Prof Jing Tao, UMP Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Ahmad Ziad bin Sulaiman, Beijing Jiaotong University College of International Education Dean Liu YanQing, UMP Centre for Strategic Academic Collaboration Director Dr Mohd Ruzaimi bin Mat Rejab, UMP Confucius Institute in Malaysia Director Yong Ying Mei and Beijing Jiaotong University School of Civil Engineering Prof Jing GuoQing

Dr Ling (middle) in a discussion with National University of Laos International Mobility Division Deputy Head Dr Soubin Sisavath (left); Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Faculty of Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Prof Tawatchai Charinpanitkul (right)

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