STEM workshops for Pay Fong Middle School students

The UTAR STEM Outreach organised three STEM workshops for 103 Pay Fong Middle School students on 30 November 2023 at Pay Fong Middle School, Melaka. The workshops were conducted by academics from Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) and Centre for Foundation Studies of Sungai Long Campus (CFS-SL).

Among the workshops conducted were Introduction to Robotics by LKC FES PhD student Mr Yong, Introduction to Scratch Programming by LKC FES academic Dr Chia Kai Lin, who was assisted by LKC FES academics Dr Too Chian Wen and Ms Beh Hooi Ching, and Introduction to Python by CFS-SL academic Mr Ling Kock Seng and Ms Yeoh Li-Cheng, assisted by Ms Goy Ling Ling.        

In the Robotics workshop, Mr Yong introduced the participants to robotics, the robot operating system (ROS), robot programming and hands-on with robots. There were 26 students who participated in the workshop.

In the Scratch Programming workshop, Dr Chia explained scratch programming, how to rotate a sprite, how to control a sprite using the keyboard and mouse, how to apply sprite sensing, how to create a mini-chase game and pong game, how to create a quiz game with randomised questions and how to apply broadcasting and operator. Thirty-seven students participated in the workshop.

The team in the Python workshop shared the skills needed in 2025, an overview of Python and its popularity, the introduction to Python IDEs, installation, concepts, problem-solving (number guessing game), Tkinter and GUI. Forty students participated in the workshop.

From left: Pay Fong School Vice Principal, Mr Tan Sin Hong and Principal Ms Ng Swee Lai presenting a souvenir to STEM Outreach Head Dr Ong Kiah Ju

Mr Yong conducting the Introduction to Robotics workshop

Ms Tan Chai Nee, Deputy Director of ICT Department presenting souvenir to Mr Yong

Group photo of participants in Robotics workshop

Dr Chia conducting the Scratch Programming workshop


From left: Dr Chia, Dr Too and Ms Beh


Ms Tan Chai Nee presenting souvenirs to Dr Chia, Dr Too and Ms Beh

Group photo of participants in Scratch Programming workshop

Introduction to Phyton programming workshop

Ms Tan Chai Nee presenting souvenirs to Ms Yeoh, Mr Ling and Ms Goy


Group photo of participants, facilitators and teachers

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