Mass Call session for January 2023 intake students

The new students of January 2023 intake were given a warm welcome to UTAR Sungai Long Campus at the first mass call session of the year, held on 30 January 2023. It was organised by UTAR Department of Student Affairs (DSA) of Sungai Long Campus, with around 199 students in attendance.

The mass call saw the presence of UTAR President Ir Prof Dato’ Dr Ewe Hong Tat, UTAR Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min, M. Kandiah Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) Dean Academician Emeritus Prof Dr Cheong Soon Keng, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Deputy Dean Assoc Prof Ts Dr Lee Kim Yee, Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) Dean Dr Pok Wei Fong, Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) Dean Dr David Tneh Cheng Eng, and Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) of Sungai Long Campus Director Melissa Stefanie Netto.

The mass call kicked off with a short speech from the UTAR Student Representative Council of Sungai Long Campus President, Wong Shi Kar. She said, “During your time at the university, it is important to build up critical thinking skills as it can help to differentiate the truth of information. It is one of the most important skills in the working world. Not only that, you should take the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities by joining a club since it can help you to stay healthy while balancing your studies.”

Prof Dato’ Ewe then gave his presentation titled, “Your Academic Journey in the 4th Industrial Revolution and AI Era”. Speaking about UTAR’s six educational pillars, he said, “The university is guided by six educational pillars, namely Virtue and Morality; Knowledge and Intellect; Physical and Mental Health; Sociality and Humanitarianism; Aesthetics and Harmony, and Creativity and Innovation. We strive to adhere to these pillars to provide the best quality education to our students.”

Focusing on the various aspects of technology, he emphasised on society’s need for empathetic knowledge workers with a growth mindset. “There are new technologies and innovations appearing every day, thus the things you learn during your university life may not be enough. Therefore, you need to take the initiative to gain knowledge about the things that the curriculum does not teach or cover, which is what we call a growth mindset. By developing this mindset, you will be able to constantly improve and prepare yourself for the challenges that come with the birth of new technology,” said Prof Dato’ Ewe.

Prof Dato’ Ewe advising students

The mass call ended with the customary oath-taking by the students and the singing of the national anthem and UTAR song.

Sungai Long freshmen taking their oaths

UTAR students singing the national anthem and UTAR song

Accounting student G. Puvenndreaan said, “I chose UTAR because a senior recommended it to me. He had nothing but praise for UTAR’s Accounting faculty, which really impressed me. Thus, that was the reason I chose UTAR.” Another student from the same course named D. Samuelson, concurred with Puvendreaan’s statements, as he noted that he too joined UTAR because he was attracted to the university’s Accounting course, as per his friend’s suggestion. Meanwhile, Chemical Engineering student Yuw Hao Jun said that his parents were his motivation for joining UTAR, saying that they supported and suggested him to study here.

Puvendreaan (left) and Samuelson (right)

Yuw Hao Jun

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