STEM workshop for Olive IGCSE Centre students

UTAR STEM Outreach organised STEM workshops for 26 students from Olive IGCSE Centre on 12 July 2023 at Sungai Long Campus. The workshops were held to spark excitement and create awareness about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects among school students, educators, parents and the community.

D The workshop was conducted by Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science academics Dr Ong Chuan Fang, Dr Yeo Heng Giap Ivan and Dr Wong Hong Mun. Dr Ong conducted an activity where the students get to experience the setting-up of surveying equipment while Dr Wong did a demonstration of the Stirling Engine. Meanwhile, in the workshop, Dr Yeo introduced the students to mathematical modelling known as the SIR Model for the spread of an epidemic.           

Overall, the students were exposed to STEM-related activities and motivated to pursue studies in STEM-related fields.

The students with trainers

Representatives from the Division of Programme Promotion giving an introduction of the programmes offered by UTAR

Dr Ong guiding the students while setting up the surveying equipment


Dr Wong explaining the usage of Stirling Engine


Students being introduced to SIR Model by Dr Yeo

Dr Wong demonstrating the Stirling Engine

Students taking turns to experience the surveying equipment

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