STEM Outreach programme for school students

The UTAR STEM Outreach organised “STEM Outreach” for forty Senior 3 students from Kuen Cheng High School and forty Form 5 students from SMK Perimbun at Kuen Cheng High School and UTAR Sungai Long Campus respectively on 24 June 2023. The objective of the events was to stimulate secondary school students’ interest towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Group photo with 40 Kuen Cheng High School students 

Students trying their hands at operating fruit battery

There were two activities conducted by UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science academic Dr Sim Lan Ching and Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) of Sungai Long Campus academic Lim Chee Siong for the Kuen Cheng High School students; Get the Fun in Chemistry Study and Fruit Battery. Two talks titled “Chemical Engineers” and “Exploring the Everyday Significance of Mathematics” and two workshops titled “Spray Drying of Milk Powder” and “Walking and Running Gait Analysis” were conducted for SMK Perimbun students by LKC FES academic staff. Thereafter, a campus tour was conducted for SMK Perimbun students to introduce the UTAR Campus.


Group photo with 40 SMK Perimbun students

Students during the “Exploring the Everyday Significance of Mathematics” talk

“Spray Drying of Milk Powder” workshop

A teacher participating in walking and running gait analysis 

On top of that, a workshop titled “The Heart Touching Moment 3.0” was organised on the same day for ten children aged five to ten years old at UTAR Sungai Long Campus. The workshop also saw the participation of ten parents and it was facilitated by CFS academic Heng Sze Lu. The event aimed to spark excitement and create awareness about STEM among children and parents.

A total of five sessions, involving various educational activities, were conducted for the children and parents. The activities conducted during the workshop included an introduction to the circulatory system, listening to the heartbeat using a stethoscope, dissecting a goat’s heart, assembling organs in a human model and making a heart key chain.

Overall, the students gained valuable knowledge and experience through the activities and workshops throughout the STEM Outreach programme.

Heart Touching Moment 3.0 with children and parents

Heng dissecting a goat’s heart

Children and parents being introduce to circulatory system

Assembling organs in a human model


Making a heart key chain

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