DermaHope Colouring Competition by DermaHope CSR Project

DermaHope committee members together with the participants of the colouring competition

Amidst their effort to promote the Malaysian Skin Foundation (MSF) and spread awareness of the severity of skin diseases among the general public, Group 1 of UTAR Public Relations Corporate Social Responsibility (PR CSR) Project 2023, “DermaHope”, organised a colouring competition titled “DermaHope Colouring Competition” on 8 April 2023 at U-Liang Library, Kampung Baru Sungai Durian, Tanjung Tualang.

The colouring competition was categorised into two groups, namely Group A (7 – 9 years old) and Group B (10 – 12 years old). One of the mascots of DermaHope “Skin Warrior” was used as the colouring template for the competition. The main aim of the competition was to extend DermaHope’s reach to the residents of Kampung Baru Sungai Durian in increasing awareness of skin diseases’ severity as well as educating local young children about the diseases.

During the competition, the committee members and Project Advisor of UTAR PR CSR Project 2023 Diong Fong Wei joined the colouring session with the children.

The winners of Group A were Chai Jun Xian, Chan Zi Lin, and Hew Zhi Wei. Meanwhile, the winners of Group B were Teoh Kia Shen, Yap Sue Qing, and Ling Pei Xian.

Group A
Front row, from left: 2nd place winner Chan Zi Lin, 3rd place winner Hew Zhi Wei and 1st place winner Chai Jun Xian

Group B
Front row: 2nd place winner Yap Sue Qing (second from left), 3rd place winner Ling Xin Pei and 1st place winner Teoh Kia Shen

Besides the competition, a storytelling session was prepared to expand the children’s knowledge on the seriousness of skin diseases. Furthermore, the committee members and children had heaps of fun together as they engaged in various social activities such as morning aerobic exercise session, ice-breaking session; joint singing and group dancing performances; musical chair and red light, green light game sessions. Following the cheerful guidance from the committee members, the children performed in a sprightly manner in the activities.

The committee members dancing jovially to boost the children’s spirit

Overall, the colouring competition received positive feedback from the guardians of the children. Even the committee members were happy to witness the fun experienced by the children. One of the members of DermaHope Lee Eng Rong, who was also the emcee of the competition, said, “My role as the emcee of the event taught me to project a cheerful personality and enthusiastic tone when communicating with the local community members. I found it challenging as the children were mischievous. However, it was a happy and meaningful experience for me to be able to spend time with the children. I am grateful that the children actively participated in the activities. Not to mention, the guardians of the children were extremely coordinated. It was incredibly heartening to see the children concentrating on the story and bringing up questions. I believe that, through this event, the children will understand and sympathise with skin disease patients. I look forward to meeting them again if I have the opportunity to hold another event here.”

The competition ended with a prize-giving ceremony and a group photography session.

About DermaHope

DermaHope is a project by the Group 1 of UTAR Public Relations Corporate Social Responsibility (PR CSR) Project 2023. The group is guided by UTAR PR CSR Project 2023 Project Advisor Diong Fong Wei. DermaHope is formed by 32 PR students who are passionate to promote the Malaysian Skin Foundation (MSF) and highlight the issues of unmet healthcare and sociological needs of individuals who suffer from skin diseases.

About Malaysian Skin Foundation (MSF)

Malaysian Skin Foundation (MSF) is a non-profit organisation founded by a group of concerned dermatologists with the intention to raise the standard of care for patients suffering from skin diseases. It was officially incorporated on 7 April 2022 upon approval from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister under section 45(3) Companies Act 2016. Being a nascent organisation, the immediate task is to introduce the foundation to the general public and raise awareness of the negative psychosocial impact of skin diseases on affected individuals by establishing a subsidy programme to improve treatment access. This initiative, therefore, will be heavily dependent on public funding to function and continue.

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