DCInterNet holds educational workshop at UTAR

UTAR Division of Community and International Networking (DCInterNet) organised an educational workshop on 27 May 2023 at Sungai Long Campus. The purpose of the workshop was to teach people how to observe the developmental milestones of children from the age of two months old to five years old, and teach them how to take corrective actions when the children exhibit abnormal behaviour.

Lee Li Li, a psychologist and the founder of Azon — a professional life and survival skills education training centre, was invited to give a talk at the workshop. The title of the talk was “How to help your child catch up on developmental milestones when they look different”. A total of 32 teachers from primary schools, kindergartens, child care development and parents participated in the workshop. DCInterNet Director Assoc Prof Dr Lai Soon Onn and Faculty of Creative Industries Department of Early Childhood Studies academic Annie Wong Kai Sze also participated in the workshop.

The workshop kick-started with a welcome speech by Dr Lai, who thanked the participants and the speaker for their effort in making the event a success. He then shared a brief introduction about UTAR. Next, Lee was invited to present her talk, in which she shared behaviours that are not normal for children according to their stages of development. She then explained how parents or teachers can guide the children to correct their behaviours.

Other than that, Lee also suggested some actions that can be taken if the children developed some bad hobbies. “For example, a parent or teacher can train a child to sing a song while sitting on the toilet, even if they do not poop. This is to train the children who struggle to poop without pampers,” she explained.

Lee during the talk

After the talk, Lee also held an interactive session to show parents and teachers what types of small games children can play. The session saw active participation from the participants. The workshop then ended with a Q&A and group photography session.

Participants during the interactive session

Dr Lai (third from left) and Lee (third from right) with participants

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