Sports Carnival 2023: Igniting excellence through athletic spirit and teamwork

The UTAR Sports Carnival, an annual inter-faculty sports competition, was held from 17 July 2023 to 19 August 2023. The event saw various competitions unfolding in separate arenas near Sungai Long Campus this year. Among the sports competitions were the basketball competition, the volleyball competition, the futsal competition, the table tennis competition, the badminton competition, the frisbee competition, the bowling competition and the swimming competition.

The UTAR Sports Carnival 2023 was not just a display of athletic prowess; it served as a platform to scout new talents for various games. The event aimed to promote sports and foster friendship among UTARians, besides offering them a valuable training ground and facilitating friendly games. Aligned with the Vision of National Sports (VSN 2030), the carnival successfully encouraged the UTAR community to actively engage in sports and physical recreational activities.

More than a recreational event, the Sports Carnival played a crucial role in selecting athletes to represent the UTAR Teams. These chosen athletes will proudly carry the university’s name in the upcoming external sports events, such as the MASISWA Games, Sports Exchange Programmes, Clash of the UTARians, and the prestigious SUKIPT games scheduled for the year 2024.

Badminton: A total of 16 mixed teams enthusiastically registered for the Badminton competition, where each team participated in a comprehensive event featuring 1 Men's Single, 1 Men's Double, and 1 Mixed Double Pairs. The competition employed a single elimination knockout system, culminating in a hard-fought victory for the "Just Do It" team from LKC FES. This triumphant team, composed of Ling Siu Xin, Ng Chze Yang, Narshayini, Ngo Tze Kin, and Tan Chun Kiat, emerged as the champion in a display of skill and teamwork.


Group photos of medal winners

Bowling: The Bowling competition, held on 22 July 2023, at Ampang Superbowl @ Bangi Gateway, featured male and female individual and doubles categories. Participants engaged in three games, including one for practice and two for the tournament. In the double’s category, five male teams and two female teams competed. The men’s singles title went to Khoo Yong Jian from LKC FES, while Tan Jia Yeng from FAM secured the women’s singles title. In the double’s events, Pang Fu Min and Lee Yan Kien claimed victory in the men’s category, and Tan Jia Yeng partnered with Moke Igal to win the women’s doubles title.

A group photo with all participants

Futsal: The Futsal competition, which took place on 17 July 2023, at Challenger Futsal Court Sg Long, saw active participation from seven student teams and one staff team. KuChing FC, representing LKC FES, secured the gold medal, while Heng Ong Huat FT, also from LKC FES, claimed the silver medal. The bronze medals were earned by the Staff Team and Red Devils FT, both proudly representing LKC FES. The event showcased spirited competition and sportsmanship among the teams, adding a dynamic flair to the campus sports calendar.

A group photo of Futsal participants

Swimming: On 19 August 2023, UTAR hosted its inaugural swimming competition at the Swim the World Swimming Pool, featuring a total of 10 participants. The event was comprised of two categories, with seven participants engaging in the thrilling Free Style 50 meters and three showcasing their prowess in the 50-metres Breaststroke. Alvin Hai Yong Guang emerged victorious in the Free Style category, clocking an impressive 31.06 seconds, while Leong Zi Xian clinched the Breaststroke title with a remarkable time of 41.06 seconds. The swimming competition added a refreshing aquatic dimension to UTAR’s sports carnival, highlighting the talents of the participating swimmers.


Group photo of all swimmers

Table Tennis: TThe Table Tennis competition, hosted on 29 July 2022 at UTAR KB Level 1 (Concourse Area), featured intense matchups across three categories. The Men’s Single event saw the participation of seven participants, while the Women’s Single category had three players. In the Men’s Double competition, four teams, comprising eight players in total, showcased their table tennis prowess. A total of 10 participants engaged in spirited matches. Hor Huai Liang secured victory in the Men’s Singles, Heng Hui Ling emerged triumphant in the Women’s Singles, and the Men’s Doubles title was claimed by the dynamic duo—Ong Jun Sheng and Kwan Yong Han. The event showcased the agility and skill of the participants, adding a thrilling chapter to the UTAR sports calendar.

Group photo of all participants

Volleyball: TThe Volleyball competition, held on 23 July 2022, at the Basketball Court Community in Serdang, unfolded as an exciting 6 vs 6 mixed game, emphasising inclusivity with teams comprising both male and female players. The tournament, limited to a maximum of nine teams, welcomed participants from two IPTS institutions—NEW ERA University and Monash University. The Gold medal was claimed by the formidable team “Bossku”, the Silver medal was awarded to team “TARRU”, and the Bronze medals went to “Remix” from NEW ERA University and “ABC” from UTAR. The event not only showcased the competitive spirit among the teams but also fostered a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie on the volleyball court.


Gold medal winners: Team Bossku

Frisbee: The inaugural Frisbee competition added a new and exciting dimension to the Sports Carnival, captivating participants and spectators alike on 17 August 2022, at The Challenger Sport Centre in Sungai Long. With three dynamic groups, each comprising five enthusiastic players, the tournament adopted a round-robin format, showcasing the athleticism and skill of the participants. Team Qihan emerged victorious as the champion, exhibiting exceptional teamwork and Frisbee prowess. The First Runner-up title went to Team Cary, followed by the Second Runner-up title to Team JunYang. Recognising outstanding individual performances, Jeffrey Ong Yeu Hern was named the Most Valuable Player (Male), while Ling Xin Ying earned the title of Most Valuable Player (Female). The Frisbee competition not only marked a successful debut at the Sports Carnival but also highlighted the growing diversity of sporting events within the UTAR community.

Group photo of all players

As the curtains drew on the month-long celebration of sports, the UTAR community left the arenas with a sense of accomplishment, having not only participated in a spirited competition but also contributed to the fostering of a culture of sportsmanship and unity on campus. UTAR Sports Carnival 2023 not only celebrated athleticism but also embodied the university’s commitment to holistic development and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours. The resounding success of this year’s event sets the stage for even greater sporting achievements and camaraderie in the years to come.

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