Beautification Project in SMJK Yu Hua by LKC FES DASD

The C-Swirls’ at SMJK Yu Hua by DASD staff and students

Healing’ at SMJK Yu Hua by DASD staff and students.

Ts Dr Beh Jing Han, Ts. Dr. Tan Kok Hong, and Dr Kwan Ban Hoe led a team of staff and students from the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science (LKC FES) Department of Architecture and Sustainable Design (DASD) on a community service project with SMJK Yu Hua in Kajang.

The team of staff and students designed and completed two beautification projects in SMJK Yu Hua with the help of sponsors to get the project up in the school. Two 5m x 5m landscapes named “The C-Swirls” and “Healing” were built by the DASD staff and students for SMJK Yu Hua.

It is hoped that these gardens will be a place of peace, solace and relaxation for the staff and students of the school. It can also be a place to study and have a group discussion.

Group photo at ‘The C-Swirls’ with DASD staff Dr Tan, Dr Beh, and Dr Ong from STEM (Front left to right), and students Chin Hsu Lyn, Teng Kai Yuan, Woo Kai Wen, Sophia Lee Si Jie, Chong Wen Zhe, Jacky Soo Li Heng, Lua Ying Yuan, Chean Wen Bin, Tai Suk Ee, and Wong Heng Kian (back from left to right).

Group photo at ‘Healing’ with Mr Jeffrey (Premier Building Material), Dr Ong, Dr Beh, and Dr Tan (Front left to right), and Students Switzer Ng, Yap Tsz Ching, Oong Chen Ying, Chong Junuan, Yap Xiao Wei, Abdul Malik, and Rajakumaran, and Wong Jia Hui.

Dr Beh handed over the plaque to SMJK Yu Hua Headmaster Mr Lean Kee Fong

Puchong Legenda and Premier Building Material Sdn Bhd sponsored the various softscape and hardscape materials to achieve this beautification project. Two acknowledgements plaques were handed over to be placed in SMJK Yu Hua as an acknowledgement of the generous sponsorship of the two companies in support of the completion of this beautification project.

UTAR thanks the sponsors, the staff and students from the Department of Architecture and Sustainable Design for this generous and caring community project.

Acknowledgement plaques for “The C-Swirls” and “Healing”

Students from SMJK Yu Hua enjoyed the outdoor natural space created for them

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