Flying Tigers Group and PIBDAM visit UTAR

From left: Ms Chong, Ms Fook, Mr Lye, Mr Wong, Ms Grace Chook, Dr Miow, Dato’ Lin, Mr Zhu, Dr Lee, Dr Lim, Ms Zhou, Mr Zhao, Ms Di, Dr Kwan, Ms Lee, Mr Xu and Dr Ng

Visitors from Flying Tigers & Hump Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd (Flying Tigers Group), located in Yunnan, China, and Malaysia International Cultural and Business Interaction Association (Pertubuhan Interaksi Budaya dan Dagang Antarabangsa Malaysia, PIBDAM) visited Sungai Long Campus on 30 August 2023.

The visitors from Flying Tigers Group were comprised of Chairman Zhu Junkun, General Manager Zhou Ling, Overseas Project Manager Xu Dongsheng, Technology Officer Zhao Changyu, and Assistant General Manager Di Ying. The representatives from PIBDAM were Head of International Diplomat Dato’ Sri Dr Lin Sow Ying, Deputy President Grace Chook, Secretary General Wong Yuen Mong, Deputy Secretary Lye Chee Ying, Chairman and Founder of MG Formula Sdn Bhd Dr Miow Kit Fong and Director of Redtop Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd Lee Jin Teng.

Welcoming the visitors were UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Assoc Prof Ts Dr Lee Kim Yee, LKC FES Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Ir Dr Ling Lloyd, LKC FES academic Dr Ng Oon-Ee, Dr Kwan Ban Hoe, Sungai Long Campus Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) Head Fook Oi Yee and DSSC Assistant Manager Choon Wen Kie.

A meeting commenced between the two parties, in which Ms Zhou Ling stepped forward to introduce the company’s background and origin. She explained that the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of China Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, was formed to help oppose the Japanese invasion of China. The company’s task included promoting the Flying Tigers’ spirit and forging the industry. The group has nine companies and involves five major industries; namely, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and General Aviation Industry, Emergency Industry, Security and Property Industry, Culture and Education Industry, and Pet Industry.

The main purpose of the visit was to seek collaboration opportunities with UTAR in the field of UAVs or drones. The discussion between the two parties included holding courses, seminars, and talks; opening drone training centres for Malaysian primary and secondary schools; facilitating the use of drones in agricultural and maritime industries, etc. After the meeting, both sides expressed their interest to cooperate in the field of drones in the time to come.

The visit ended with a souvenir exchange and a group photo session.

Meeting between UTAR and Flying Tigers Group

Dr Lee (right) presenting a souvenir to Mr Zhu

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