UTAR-University of Greenwich webinar unlocks secrets of cross-cultural leadership

The engaging webinar on cross-cultural leadership

More secrets were discovered at the “The Cultural Dimension of Leadership and Communication across Businesses” webinar, which was jointly organised by the Centre for Business and Management of UTAR, and the School of Business, Operations and Strategy (BOS) at Greenwich Business School, University of Greenwich; in collaboration with the Department of Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management of UTAR Faculty of Business and Finance.

The engaging webinar was held on 24 August 2023, via Zoom, and was attended by Associate Head (Research & Knowledge Exchange) of the School of Business, Operations and Strategy (BOS) Prof Dr J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak. It received support from over 200 participants.

Moderated by FBF Dean Assoc Prof Dr Au Yong Hui Nee, the webinar kick-started with a respective introduction of each speaker, namely Greenwich Business School of University of Greenwich academic Dr Mingchu Wang, and UTAR Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) academic Mr Lei Bo.

Dr Wang introducing his topic

Mr Lei Bo explaining the art of communication

Dr Wang delved into his insightful presentation titled “From Burnout to Balance: Leader Identity (Re)negotiation in Start-up Workplace Networks During External Shocks”. Following that, the second speaker, Mr Lei Bo, delivered his presentation in Mandarin, focusing on “The Art of Communication in Business”. These presentations provided participants with valuable insights into the complexities of leadership and effective communication, particularly in the context of diverse cultures.

In summary, both speakers shed light on the critical roles of effective leadership and communication in the business landscape, emphasising their significance in culturally diverse settings. Participants also learned that cultural factors play a substantial role in shaping the way individuals perceive information, make decisions, and engage with one another. According to the speakers, failing to recognise these cultural nuances can lead to misunderstandings and undesirable outcomes; therefore, leaders must possess cultural sensitivity and master cross-cultural communication skills. The speakers highlighted that this entails comprehending and adapting to diverse communication styles, negotiation methods, decision-making processes, and hierarchical structures, while also acknowledging and respecting diverse perspectives.

Following the two thought-provoking presentations, participants actively participated in a stimulating Q&A session.

Prof Andres (top, most left) commending the success of the webinar

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