International students gather at Mid-Autumn Tea Gathering to celebrate culture and friendship

The Mid-Autumn Tea-Time Gathering was organised by the Department of International Student Services (DISS) for the international students of UTAR on 25 October 2023. A total of 35 international students gathered to celebrate the Mooncake Festival at the event. Also present at the gathering were UTAR staff and students. The students were happy to enjoy the festival’s tradition on campus.

DISS Head Mr Foo Wai Wai (eighth from left), UTAR staff and international students at the gathering

The event saw the students sharing stories from their respective countries. In the meantime, they also took the opportunity to taste the traditional Mooncakes, and celebrate the cultural diversity they discovered on the campus. It was a moment of unity and friendship. The event emphasised the power of shared tradition which brought people closer. The event left a lasting impact, fostering connections among the international students and creating memories of cultural exchange and togetherness.

Mooncakes and foods served at the gathering

As the students savoured the various foods and mooncakes, they also engaged in cultural exchange, sharing anecdotes about their home countries and their experiences as international students. The dialogue session opened doors to fostering cross-cultural understanding among students. The event also portrayed the resilience of the international student community in developing friendships and creating a sense of belonging through cultural exchange.

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