UTAR President welcomes new students of January 2024 intake

The new students of January 2024 intake were welcomed with an orientation ceremony at both UTAR Sungai Long Campus and Kampar Campus. Organised by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) and the UTAR Kampar Campus Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call (RCM) Committee, the orientation ceremony at Sungai Long Campus was organised on 23 January 2024, while the ceremony at Kampar Campus was organised on 24 January 2024. The ceremonies saw around 500 students in attendance at both campuses.

UTAR January 2024 intake students with Prof Dato’ Ewe (centre), vice presidents, deans, deputy deans, SRC members and RCM committee at Sungai Long Campus

UTAR January 2024 intake students with Prof Dato’ Ewe (centre), senior staff, deans, deputy deans, SRC members and RCM committee at Kampar Campus

Held as part of the Orientation programme for January 2024 intake, the orientation ceremony was conducted for new students to meet the University President, the senior staff, as well as, the deans and deputy deans.

Prof Dato’ Ewe offering advice to the new students

UTAR President Ir Prof Dato’ Dr Ewe Hong Tat warmly welcomed all the freshmen and introduced UTAR as a place full of opportunities, which will not only enrich their lives as undergraduates, but also provide them with valuable life experiences. In conjunction with the mass call ceremony, Prof Dato’ Ewe also delivered a talk titled Your Academic Journey in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and AI Era.

Speaking of students’ academic journey in AI, Prof Dato’ Ewe said, “In today’s working world, the demand for knowledge workers with a growth mindset and empathy is on the rise, emphasising the importance of acquiring 21st-century skills. Students need to focus on adaptability, continuous learning, and emotional intelligence to meet the challenges of the evolving job landscape. The academic journey in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) adds another layer, requiring continuous learning and a passion for exploring the frontiers of AI technology. Soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and effective communication are equally crucial for success in this dynamic field.”

Prof Dato’ Ewe said, “University life, despite its challenges, is exciting and entertaining. It is essential for students to maintain a balance, working smart from the beginning of the semester and taking responsibility for their learning. Participating in extracurricular activities and building networks with seniors, lecturers, and students from different faculties contribute to a well-rounded academic experience. The key secrets to a successful university journey lie in hard work, determination, full concentration, and self-discipline. Developing a growth mindset, where intelligence is viewed as continuously developable, is crucial for embracing challenges, persevering in the face of setbacks, and learning from experiences. In the 21st century learning framework, students are urged to acquire both content knowledge and essential 21st-century skills, including adaptability, continuous learning, and emotional intelligence, to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.”

The Student Representative Council (SRC) Chairpersons of both campuses offered their thoughts regarding transitioning into university life.

Lim inspiring new students to embrace diversity on campus

In his remarks, SRC Sungai Long Chairperson Lim Kwong Yau said, “Entering university opens the door to a multitude of possibilities and opportunities. Many students are venturing beyond their hometowns, embracing the need for increased independence to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. While some may choose to solely focus on their academic pursuits, it’s crucial to recognise that this alone is not the optimal path. In the midst of the ongoing industrial revolution, individuals possessing diverse skills, particularly soft skills, are highly valued in the current landscape.”

He added, “I strongly encourage you to break free from your comfort zone. I personally experienced significant benefits when I made that decision. The sooner you take this step; the more doors of opportunity you’ll unlock compared to your peers. Stepping outside our comfort zones is the key to gaining a broader perspective and understanding the vastness of the world around us.”

Lee sharing valuable advice with freshmen at Kampar Campus

Meanwhile, SRC Kampar Chairperson Lee Wei Kang said, “As a student leader, I’m excited to help you navigate your way through this incredible journey of higher education. One of the key aspects of university life is getting involved in clubs and societies, and building a strong network. Take the time to explore different clubs and societies during the first few weeks. Attend club fairs, information sessions, and events to get a feel for what each group has to offer. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.” He added, “Attend networking events organised by different clubs and societies at the university. This is an excellent opportunity to meet not only students but also alumni, professors, and professionals in your field of interest. If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out to the SRC.”

Tew motivating new students to cultivate genuine friendships and connections to broaden their knowledge

On the other hand, the Orientation Ceremony Manager of Sungai Long Campus, Tew Wei Ming said, “Be sure to prioritise the completion of tasks. Managing time, especially with extracurricular activities, is crucial to avoid last-minute stress. Utilising planners for organisation gives a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Cultivating genuine friendships is equally important; choose them based on values rather than popularity. Authentic connections will bring long-term satisfaction. Lastly, step out of your comfort zone. Participate in events, try new activities like sports, and broaden your horizons. This will not only foster personal growth but also expand your social circle, potentially shaping a different outlook on life.”

Ng promoting a culture of collaboration among students and lecturers to excel at university

Adding to that, the Orientation Ceremony Manager of Kampar Campus, Ng Shun Yi said, “Attending the university is a unique time in your life. While academics are crucial, don’t forget to have fun and make lasting memories. Take care of your physical and mental well-being, and seek support when needed. Remember, your university experience is what you make of it. Get involved, make connections, and enjoy the journey. Welcome to UTAR and let’s make it a fantastic chapter together.”

Also present at the orientation ceremony were UTAR Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min, UTAR Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, M. Kandiah Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MK FMHS) Dean Prof Dr Thong Meow Keong, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Dean Prof Ts Dr Yap Wun She, Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) Dean Dr Pok Wei Fong, Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) Dean Dr David Tneh Cheng Eng, Faculty of Arts and Social Science Dean Dr Lee Lai Meng, Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Dean Ir Prof Dr Ng Choon Aun, Faculty of Business and Finance Dean Assoc Prof Dr Au Yong Hui Nee, Institute of Chinese Studies Deputy Dean Assoc Prof Dr Wong Wun Bin, Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) Kampar Campus Director Ts Tan Lee Siew and students.

The ceremony came to an end with the students standing up with their right arms raised to recite the customary oath. After the oath recital, the national anthem was played, followed by the UTAR song “The Shining Light”, sung by all the attendees. Additionally, there was a fun quiz session for the students, creating excitement as they participated using their phones. The top five winners received prizes.

Students taking their oath

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