FEGT students engage in academic and cultural exchange at NPU, Xi’an

A group of 15 students and two lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT) of UTAR recently participated in a Summer International Workshop at the Institute of Flexible Electronics (IFE), Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), in Xi’an, China. The week-long study tour, held from 11 to 18 June 2024, was funded by the Chinese government and the IFE, providing a unique opportunity for cross-border academic exchange and cultural immersion.

During their tour, the UTAR delegation engaged in numerous academic exchange meetings and student symposiums organised by the IFE. These sessions allowed students and lecturers to delve into discussions on flexible electronics and green technology, sharing their research ideas and exploring new perspectives. The exchange not only broadened their academic horizons but also sparked creativity and innovation through the collision of diverse ideas.

The group also had the opportunity to tour the institute’s advanced laboratories, witnessing cutting-edge research and technological developments firsthand. These experiences enriched the students’ understanding and inspired them to think critically about their own research and academic pursuits.

Additionally, the UTAR delegation toured the NPU History Museum, the University Museum, and the Talent Training Exhibition Hall. These visits provided an in-depth look at NPU’s rich educational culture, technological advancements, and historical achievements, particularly in defence technology and talent cultivation. The students were particularly impressed by the university’s contributions to these fields, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of history, technology, and education.

On top of that, supported by the International Education Institute and the Engineering Practice Training Centre, the students and lecturers participated in hands-on cultural workshops. They crafted Beijing Opera facial masks, engaged in laser-cut paper cutting, and created cultural souvenirs using flexible materials. These activities allowed the participants to experience the artistic and cultural heritage of China, deepening their appreciation for the country’s traditions.

The workshop also included social and recreational activities, such as a friendly badminton match between the UTAR and IFE faculty members. Also, the group visited iconic historical sites, including the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang and the Xi’an City Wall, further enriching their cultural experience.

These interactions fostered friendship and cultural exchange between the students and faculty members of both institutions. Agreements were reached on future collaborations, including short-term exchanges of faculty and students, shared laboratory usage, and joint training programmes. These initiatives aim to enhance research capabilities and strengthen the international influence of both universities.

Representing UTAR, FEGT Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Dr Lo Po Kim, enthused, “The Summer International Workshop at NPU was a resounding success, broadening the academic and cultural horizons of UTAR students and lecturers. The experience not only enhanced their research capabilities but also laid a solid foundation for future collaborations between UTAR and NPU. The students’ independence, politeness, and remarkable soft skills contributed to a positive and respectful atmosphere throughout the workshop.”

She added, “We look forward to organising similar international workshops in the future to continue this fruitful exchange and collaboration, fostering a global academic community that thrives on shared knowledge and mutual respect.”

FEGT students and staff building friendships and exploring cultural experiences at NPU

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