UTAR welcomes new students of June 2024 intake

June 2024 intake students with Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min (centre), deans, deputy deans, SRC members and RMC Committee at UTAR Sungai Long Campus

Prof Chong (in red tie) with deans, deputy deans, SRC members and RMC Committee at UTAR Kampar Campus

New students of the June 2024 intake kick-started their educational journey with an orientation ceremony held on 11 June 2024 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus, and on 12 June 2024 at UTAR Kampar Campus. The ceremony was organised by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA), and the UTAR Kampar Campus Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call (RCM) Committee.

As part of the orientation programme for the January 2024 intake, the orientation ceremony provided new students with an opportunity to meet the University Vice Presidents, senior staff, deans, and deputy deans.

Prof Goi welcoming the new students at UTAR Sungai Long Campus

Prof Choong highlighting the need to instil a growth mindset at UTAR Kampar Campus

UTAR Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min and UTAR Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong welcomed the freshmen, and introduced UTAR as a place where they will start their new journey for their further education.

Both Vice Presidents also delivered a talk that enlightened the freshmen on the current progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The freshmen learnt about the revolutions in human civilisation and modernisation that started from the first industrial revolution. The Vice Presidents shared, “Today, things are becoming faster and processes are becoming intense. These things are powered by STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Trends have also changed, and in today’s globalised world, we see a future that highlights human centric, knowledge creation, software development and application, small investment, open market, free market, multi-disciplinary and automation or artificial intelligence (AI).”

The Vice Presidents also enlightened them on the current top jobs in 2024 and emphasised the importance of soft skills, like problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, adaptability, continuous learning, and emotional intelligence for being successful in this dynamic field.

They also advised, “University life is not without challenges, but rest assured that your experiences will also be rewarding and exciting. As an undergraduate, you are not merely here to expand your knowledge. Studying in a university is a great way to enhance communication, expand thinking, build character, embrace diversity and cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your interests, and prepare for your career. Therefore, work smart and take the time to engage in extracurricular activities. Networking with seniors, lecturers, and peers from different faculties also enriches the academic experience. Success in university hinges on hard work, determination, focus, and self-discipline. Embracing a growth mindset, where intelligence is seen as developable, is essential for facing challenges, persevering through setbacks, and learning from experiences.”

Lim Kwong Yau, the Chairperson of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at Sungai Long Campus, remarked, “This place is brimming with possibilities and opportunities. During my welcome speeches for the October intake last year and the January intake this year, I emphasised a crucial point twice: stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s often said that important messages need to be repeated three times, and honestly, in my own experience of stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve gained a lot.”

He added, “Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to meet many people who offered me opportunities for growth and helped me build connections. Personal development is truly enjoyable, even though we might face challenges or setbacks along the way.”

Lim encouraging the new students to step out of their comfort zone

Teo giving advice to the new students

On the contrary, the Orientation Ceremony Manager of Sungai Long Campus, Teo Wen Ping said, “While good grades are important, they shouldn’t be your sole focus. University is so much more than just a degree. It’s a time to broaden your horizons, challenge your assumptions, and discover what truly ignites your passion. Please use the time to do what you want to do. Please use the time to explore what you really like. Most importantly, don’t abandon the things you genuinely want to do just because you feel embarrassed or discouraged.”

Ceremony Manager See Xiao Qing said, “As you begin your tertiary education at UTAR, you will each gain unique and enriching experiences. I hope you will always look towards achieving your goals no matter the circumstances. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement. Stay inspired and share your experiences to inspire those around you.”

See advising freshmen to embrace challenges as opportunities

Lee encouraging freshmen to join extracurricular activities

SRC Kampar Chairperson Lee Wei Kang commented, “Apart from giving your best in your studies, balance your time to participate in club activities and make new friends. It will help you gain new experiences, develop new skills, and hone your current skills. Remember to take good care of your health and well-being, and never be afraid to seek help. Though this is a new chapter in your life, be confident of your choice and decision.”

Also present at the ceremony in Sungai Long Campus were M. Kandiah Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MK FMHS) Dean Prof Dr Thong Meow Keong, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) Deputy Dean Assoc Prof Ir Dr Gobi Vetharatnam, Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) Dean Dr Pok Wei Fong, Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) Dean Dr David Tneh Cheng Eng, Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) (Sungai Long Campus) Deputy Director Ms Wong Jing Tyng, and students.

Those present at Kampar Campus included Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Dean Prof Ts Dr Liew Soung Yue, Faculty for Arts and Social Science Dean Dr Lee Lai Meng, Faculty of Business and Finance Dean Assoc Prof Dr Au Yong Hui Nee, Institute of Chinese Studies Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Ling Liong Ngo, Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Tan Kok Tat, Faculty of Science Deputy Dean for Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes Assoc Prof Dr Gideon Khoo, and Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) Director Ts Tan Lee Siew.

The ceremony ended with the students standing up and raising their right arms to recite the customary oath, followed by the national anthem and the UTAR song “The Shining Light”, sung by all the attendees. Furthermore, there was a fun quiz session for the students, allowing them to have a bit of fun. The top winners also received prizes.

Students taking their oaths

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