Kuen Cheng High School students explore engineering and drones through hands-on workshops

In order to promote hands-on learning and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, UTAR STEM Outreach collaborated with Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) to organise a series of STEM Workshops for 12 students from Kuen Cheng High School on 15 June 2024 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus.

Kuen Cheng High School students with UTAR staff

The students participated in the first workshop titled “Straw Tower Workshop”, led by Dr Ananthan Valitherm and Assoc Prof Ir Ts Dr Jeffrey Yap Boon Hui from LKC FES. During the workshop, the students were tasked with constructing a straw tower using pieces no shorter than 4cm, aiming for a minimum total height of 30cm. They were motivated to use the least amount of straw length possible in their constructions.

Dr Ananthan guiding students to build their straw tower

Dr Jeffrey Yap providing guidance to the students as they build their straw tower

Once the tower was finished, its stability underwent testing. An assessment was conducted to evaluate the tower’s performance, considering the efficiency of the materials used—straws and joints—in terms of their cost-effectiveness and their contribution to the tower’s strength and stability.

Testing the stability of the tower

In another session, students explored the world of drones during the “Drone Experience Workshop”. It was led by Dr Kwan Ban Hoe and Ir Dr Mun Hou Kit from LKC FES. Dr Kwan provided an overview of drones, followed by practical guidance from Dr Mun on drone operation for the students.

Dr Kwan describing drones to students

Dr Mun guiding students on how to operate the drone

These workshops provided valuable hands-on experiences and insights into engineering principles and modern technologies. They not only enhanced the students’ practical skills in constructing and analysing structures but also broadened their understanding of cutting-edge technologies like drones. Such engaging sessions are integral to fostering a deeper appreciation for engineering concepts and preparing students for future challenges in the field.

Students with the drone

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