International students embark on a cultural journey to explore Melaka

In a vibrant cultural exchange organised by the Department of International Student Services (DISS), 40 international students embarked on an enriching trip to Melaka, Malaysia. Beginning their adventure at the iconic Stadthuys, they delved into the city’s rich history, marvelling at the blend of Dutch, Portuguese, and British influences that adorned the cobblestone streets and historic landmarks. The exploration served as a captivating introduction to the city’s storied past, setting the stage for a day filled with discovery and friendship.

International students posing at Stadthuys, a historical structure situated in the heart of Melaka City

The day culminated with a visit to the Maritime Museum, where the students immersed themselves in Melaka’s maritime heritage. From exploring the replica of the Flor De La Mar, a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast centuries ago, to discovering intricate maritime artifacts and immersive exhibits, the museum provided a fascinating insight into the city’s maritime legacy.

Students visiting the Maritime Museum

Students enjoying themselves at the Maritime Museum

Their journey then led them to Klebang Beach, a serene coastal retreat renowned for its golden sands and azure waters. Amidst the tranquil surroundings, the students indulged in beach activities, relishing the opportunity to unwind and connect with nature. As laughter filled the air and bonds were forged, the beach became a symbol of shared experiences and newfound friendships.

Photo session at the Klebang Beach

As the sun set on their cultural odyssey, the students departed Melaka with hearts full of memories and a deeper appreciation for Malaysian culture. This day of exploration, organised by DISS, had not only broadened their horizons but also united them in a shared appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world around them.

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