Celebrating tradition and talent through the first UTAR Lion Dance Championship

The inaugural UTAR Lion Dance Championship roared to life on 13 April 2024, as 20 lion dance teams from across Malaysia converged at Dewan Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, UTAR Kampar Campus.

Organised by the UTAR Kampar Campus Wushu Club, the UTAR Lion Dance Championship not only aimed to showcase the artistry and athleticism of lion dance but also to highlight the significance of preserving this ancient cultural heritage.

The UTAR Lion Dance team, along with all participating Lion Dance teams, warmly welcoming the guests

Representing UTAR President, UTAR Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology Dean Ir Prof Dr Ng Choon Aun, lauded the organising committee for organising a successful event, emphasising the important cultural roots of lion dance and its prominence within Malaysian society.

Prof Ng complimenting the efforts of the organising committee in making the event a success

In his address, Prof Ng extended a warm welcome to the participating teams, recognising their dedication and the countless hours of practice they invested in the performances. He then expressed gratitude to the judges and attendees whose support was instrumental in making the championship a reality. Prof Ng also expressed hopes that the event would become a staple on UTAR’s calendar, fostering a continued celebration of lion dance culture.

Also present at the championship were Advisor of UTAR Kampar Campus Wushu Club Dr Lee Yu Jen, Head of Department of Student Affairs (DSA) Mr Chiang Jeng Fong, Organising Chairperson of the 1st UTAR Lion Dance Championship Mr Ng Yi Qian, Chairman of Persatuan Sukan Tarian Naga dan Singa Negeri Perak Mr Yong Keng Shin, sponsors, participants, UTAR staff and students.

Fifth from left: Mr Ng, Dr Lee, Mr Chiang and Prof Ng alongside other guests and sponsors, hitting the drum to mark the opening ceremony of the 1st UTAR Lion Dance Championship

Mr Ng thanking all parties for the success of the event

Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr Ng, emphasised the importance of lion dance competitions in Perak, expressing confidence in the future of the sports in the region. He highlighted the physical demands and creativity required of athletes, noting the rigorous training routine that supports their performances.

The championship featured a diverse array of teams, each bringing their unique performance of traditional southern lion dance to the stage. Among the notable participants were from Kelab Sukan dan Kebudayaan Xuan Tan Shang Wu Pulau Pinang, Persatuan Sukan dan Kebudayaan Shang Wu Pulau Pinang, Malaysia Ming Kok Dragon and Lion Dance Team, Xiang Yi Culture and Sport Club, UTAR Sungai Long Wushu Lion Dragon Troupe, UTAR Wushu Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe, Ipoh Wushu Lion and Dragon Dance Quan Ji Association, Kelab Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Teng Yi Kuala Kangsar, and Pemuda Wushu, Tarian Naga dan Singa Persatuan Tong Keow Seah Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.

After a rigorous lion dance championship, Persatuan Sukan dan Kebudayaan Shang Wu Pulau Pinang emerged as the champion, showcasing exemplary skills and artistry. Malaysia Ming Kok Dragon & Lion Dance Team claimed the first runner-up position, while Pemuda Wushu, Tarian Naga Dan Singa Persatuan Tong Keow Seah Butterworth, Pulau Pinang secured the second runner-up spot.

The winners received cash prizes, with the champion taking home RM3,000, the first runner-up RM2,000, and the second runner-up RM1,000.

The 1st UTAR Lion Dance Championship not only celebrated the vibrancy of lion dance but also served as a testament to the dedication and talent of its practitioners. As the echoes of drums and cymbals faded, the spirit of tradition and competition continued to resonate, ensuring the enduring legacy of lion dance in Malaysia’s cultural tapestry.

All teams lined up with their lion costumes during the opening ceremony

High pole lion dance performance

The champion, first runner-up and second runner-up teams sharing their happiness after their hard work

The referee team of the competition together with the event chair and club advisor

Champion: Persatuan Sukan Dan Kebudayaan Shang Wu Pulau Pinang

First runner-up: Malaysia Ming Kok Dragon & Lion Dance Team

Second runner-up: Pemuda Wushu, Tarian Naga Dan Singa Persatuan Tong Keow Seah Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

The organising committee displaying some exhibits of lion and dragon dance at the competition

It’s a wrap: Guests, participants and committee members after the closing ceremony

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