UTAR STEM Outreach engages Kuen Cheng High School students with educational talk and workshop

Kuen Cheng High School Principal (front row, fourth from right) and teachers with the UTAR team

On 18 May 2024, UTAR STEM Outreach in collaboration with Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science and Division of Programme Promotion, organised a STEM talk titled “Introduction to AI and its Applications” and a workshop titled “Solving Mysteries Using Structured Query Language” for approximately 470 Senior Middle 3 students at Kuen Cheng High School, KL.

The event aimed to educate students about the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and demonstrate practical applications of SQL in solving complex problems. The workshop and talk were designed to offer hands-on learning experiences, led by experts in various scientific disciplines.

The talk was conducted by Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES) academics Dr Mohammad Babrdel Bonab and Dr Khor Kok Chin. The workshop, on the other hand, was conducted by LKC FES academics Dr Nawaf Hassan Mohammed Mohsen Shrifan, Dr Faranak Nejati, Ts Dr Hoo Meei Hao and Ts Dr Sugumaran Nallusamy with the assistance of Dr Ng Keng Hoong and Ms Beh Hooi Ching from LKC FES.

The sessions allowed students to engage directly with the facilitators and ask insightful questions, enhancing their understanding of the scientific topics discussed. The hands-on activities provided a memorable experience, offering students a glimpse into potential future academic paths.

UTAR’s dedication to nurturing a passion for learning and assisting students in making informed educational decisions was evident throughout the event, ensuring a positive and inspiring experience for all participants.

Students at the talk

UTAR facilitators and Kuen Cheng High School students after the workshop

Students at the talk and workshop

Students immersed in the activities

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