SES Inter-University Competition 2022

The UTAR Structural Earthquake Stability Competition 7.0 (SES-VII) Inter-University Competition 2022, jointly organised by UTAR Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKC FES), The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), took place on 9 July 2022 at the Multipurpose Hall of UTAR Sungai Long Campus. The inter-university competition, which was a continuation of the SES-VII Intra-University Competition, saw the participation of students from various universities.

The competition had two main sponsors, which were NS Bluescope Lysaght Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Acre Works Sdn Bhd. The main objectives of the competition were to raise awareness of the importance of seismic design and to improve students’ technical knowledge, creativity and innovation when it comes to building a cost-effective structure that can withstand seismic loading.

The competition kicked off with an opening ceremony, which saw the attendance of UTAR Vice President for Internationalisation and Academic Development Ir Prof Dr Goi Bok Min, NS Bluescope Lysaght Malaysia Sdn Bhd President Ms Priscilla Lim, Acre Works Sdn Bhd Director Ir Venugopal Nambiar, Tony Gee and Partners Group Director Mr Evan Ho, IEM Civil and Structural Engineering Technical Division (CSETD) Chairman Ir Low Kai Wah, UTAR LKC FES Department of Civil Engineering Head Ts Dr Yip Chun Chieh and UTAR SES-VII Advisor Dr Lee Foo Wei.

Prof Goi giving his speech

When delivering his speech, Prof Goi said, “By challenging the students to design a cost-effective structure to resist seismic loading, we are honing the students’ potential in their engineering knowledge, management skills, creativity and innovation. Aside from learning in classes, I encourage students to go explore the real world and gain experience about the latest trends and technology in the engineering field, since technology is rapidly evolving in this day and age.”

Ms Priscilla Lim stated, “I am extremely grateful to UTAR for inviting Bluescope Lysaght to be part of this event. Lysaght has been incorporated into Malaysia since 1968, and our main interest is to use recyclable, environmentally-friendly and energy-conserving materials. Our ambition is to cut the use of carbon materials by 30% by 2030, and have zero carbon by 2050, as we want to contribute to preserving environmentally friendly properties and the construction market in Malaysia.”

Ir Venugopal delivering his speech

Ir Venugopal also presented a speech regarding the competition, in which he said, “I would like to thank UTAR for allowing Acre Works Sdn Bhd to be part of this competition and congratulate UTAR for successfully organising this competition for the past seven years. Seismic engineering had never been taken into too much consideration in the past, but in today’s world, it is a requirement, as changes caused by natural disasters or manmade ones are happening all the time. Thus, engineers need to respond to these changes and this competition can help to raise the awareness of seismic engineering.”

Lim Kai Jun presenting his speech

SES-VII Organising Committee Chairperson Lim Kai Jun said in his welcome speech, “Seismic design is a vital topic in today’s world. Therefore, as the organiser of SES, I believe that this competition will raise awareness among the participants, and at the same time, the participants can have great hands-on experiences.” He added, “This competition also serves as a platform for all the undergraduates to polish their soft skills from the aspect of creativity, innovation, managerial and teamwork.”

From left: Lim Kai Jun, Mr Evan Ho, Ir Venugopal, Ms Priscilla Lim, Prof Goi, Ir Low, Dr Yip, and Dr Lee

The opening ceremony of UTAR Structural Earthquake Stability Competition 7.0 (SES-VII) Inter-University Competition 2022 ended with a souvenir presentation to Prof Goi, Ir Venugopal and Ms Priscilla Lim, and a ribbon cutting ceremony. After the opening ceremony and a few briefings, the competition carried on throughout the day. Similar to the intra-university competition, each team constructed a model using the given materials within a specific timeframe, while complying with the competition’s rules and regulations. The models were then tested by undergoing an earthquake stimulation shaking table test to assess the models’ earthquake sustainability. The test consisted of seven levels; each level lasted for 45 seconds. Bonus marks were also granted to teams who reach a certain level. The teams were judged based on their time efficiency and cost-efficient use of materials.

Participants making their models

Participants’ models being assessed using the earthquake simulation test

The competition came to its closing after the judging session, with a speech from Dr Yip, who congratulated the participants and thanked the organising committee. He said, “Congratulations to the organising committee for successfully putting together this competition and for achieving its objectives. It has been fascinating to see all the participants put in a lot of effort to make their ideas into a model. Well done to all who took part, and congratulations to all the winners. Whereas for those who did not win, do not be disheartened as there will be many more chances in the future.”

Dr Yip presenting his closing speech

After presenting the tokens of appreciation to the judges, the winners were announced. Winners of the special awards were awarded RM300, the consolation winners receive RM400, and second and first runners-up received RM1,100 and RM1,400 respectively. The winner walked away with RM1,800. Overall, the UTAR teams won the second consolation and first runner-up prizes. UTAR is proud of them for their great achievement.

The winners with their prizes

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